Pack Like a Professional with These 7 Tips

Packing is a tedious but necessary part of the moving experience. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be stressful. Follow these tips to make your next move the best one yet.

1. Start early.

Packing up everything you own is an overwhelming task when you don't allow enough time to do it. It's best to start as far in advance as possible and do a little each day. In particular, allow plenty of time to pack up the kitchen; since it's full of appliances and breakables, it tends to take the longest.

2. Decide what not to pack.

Make things easier on yourself by selling, donating, or tossing anything you haven't used in a year or more. The fewer things you have to move, the quicker you'll be able to get them packed.

3. Get creative with containers.

Minimize the number of boxes you'll need by packing containers you already have. Suitcases with wheels are great for heavy items. Kitchen pots can be filled with small items like spices and gadgets. Instead of emptying your dresser drawers, pull them out and cover them with protective wrap. Just be sure all your containers are sturdy and sealable. Don't use garbage bags or anything else likely to break.

4. Anticipate accidents.

Think about what could go wrong during the moving process, and pack to prevent those mishaps. Pad breakables with soft items like clothes and towels. Fill in any empty space in each box so the contents won't rattle around. Use Ziploc bags to contain spill risks like shampoo and other liquids. Gather tiny items in small, sealable bags so they don't get lost. The more you prepare in advance, the fewer problems you're likely to have on moving day.

5. Don't be lazy with labeling.

Break out a thick marker and label every box with what room it belongs in, its exact contents, whether or not it's fragile, and which side needs to be up. On moving day, this will let the movers know which boxes need to go where and which ones to handle extra carefully. Later, it will also make the job of unpacking that much easier.

6. Keep essentials separate.

It's unlikely you'll get everything unpacked on the day you move in. Plan ahead for this by packing a bag with essential items you need every day, like toiletries, charger cords, and a change of clothes. Keep this bag in the car with you rather that on the moving truck. That way, when you need those essentials, you won't have to hunt through a bunch of boxes to find them.

7. Hire some help.

Of course, the surest way to pack like a pro is to enlist the help of actual pros. Many moving companies (like Out the Box) offer packing services at reasonable rates. If you're feeling overwhelmed by packing (or just really don't want to do it), there's no shame in calling in some expert help to get the job done.

Out the Box Moving & Storage is committed to providing a seamless moving experience for every customer. Call today for a free estimate and let us make your move easy.

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