4 Tips for Moving Your Furniture Safely

Updated: Mar 22

One of the biggest tasks you will face when relocating to another place will be the hassle of moving furniture. This is a job that can be tedious, heavy and even dangerous, if you are doing it by yourself. Lucky for you, there is the option of hiring a moving company to help with this daunting task. Here are four tips on how to safely move your furniture.

1. Break Furniture Down

One thing we recommend doing for large pieces of furniture is to disassemble them before the big move, if possible. For example, items such as bed frames and wooden tables are much easier to transport and there is less risk of damage to the piece.

2. Keep Track of Hardware

You will need to keep track of and label the screws and other hardware that come off these pieces that you break down. This will ensure that you are able reassemble the piece correctly, when you get to where you are going. For easy storage you can secure these pieces in baggies and label them for easy identification.

3. Wrap Furniture in Blankets for Protection

If you do not provide enough protection for items they can become damaged during transit, or even damage items that may be around them. Blankets will help act as a barrier between items.

4. Take it slow

Make sure to take your time while moving your furniture in and out of your home. You don’t want your new place, or the old one, to end up with a bunch of dings or scratches on your walls or furniture.

We Make Moving Easy

Hiring our professional movers will ensure that your belongings end up in the position that they were originally in. It also means that you don’t risk getting injured in the process. Contact us online or call us at (502) 210-6000 to get your free quote today.

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